Higham, Holton St Mary, Raydon, Stratford St Mary

Four churches united by God and his people

  • Oaks Farm House
  • Holton St Mary
  • Ipswich
  • Suffolk
  • CO7 6NW

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On the third Wednesday of each month there is a Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion service at 10 a.m. in the Parish Room at Stratford St Mary (green building in the middle of the village), followed by refreshments.


What kind of services?

The 10 a.m. service is usually Common Worship Holy Communion, but we sometimes have baptisms or other events during that service.  

The evening service in the churches is a said Book of Common Prayer service of Evening Prayer with a short sermon.  During the vacancy these services will be lay led.

10 a.m. and 5 p.m. (October-March) or 6.30 p.m. (April-September) services rotate around the parishes.  In principle, the pattern is as follows (but please note that the schedule may vary - especially in December - depending on special events, so please check individual dates):

1st Sunday    10 a.m. Stratford St Mary (SSM) Family Communion in the church.  5 p.m./6.30 p.m. Holton St Mary

2nd Sunday    10 a.m. Higham. 5/6.30 p.m. Raydon

3rd Sunday    10 a.m. Holton.  5/6.30 p.m. Stratford St Mary

4th Sunday  10 a.m. Raydon (Holy Communion) + SSM Family Hour with refreshments and activities for children in the Parish Room (green building in the middle of the village).  5/6.30 p.m. Higham.

On 5th Sundays in 2019 we shall be reverting to a Benefice service, rotating round the parishes (see below for locations), except for the last Sunday of December, which will remain a Deanery Eucharist at 10.30 a.m. at one of the 5 big churches in our Deanery (in 2019 it will be at SSM).


23rd:  10 a.m. Raydon (Revd David Atkins) + SSM Family Hour.  6.30 pm. Higham

30th:  10 a.m. Holton (Communion by Extension, Christine Cousins).  


7th:  10 a.m. SSM (Revd John Druce) with Baptism.  6.30 pm. Holton

14th:  10 a.m. Higham (Revd David Atkins).  6.30 p.m. Raydon

21st:  10 a.m. Holton (Revd John Druce).  6.30 p.m. SSM

28th:  10 a.m. Raydon (Revd Janice White).  6.30 p.m. Higham


4th:  10 a.m. SSM (Revd David Atkins)

11th:  10 a.m. Higham (Communion by Extension, Nicola Tindall)

18th:  10 a.m. Holton (Revd Janice White)

25th:  10 a.m. Raydon (Revd John Druce)


1st: 10.00 am SSM (Archdeacon David Jenkins). 6.30 pm Holton

8th: 10.00 am Higham (John Gillett - Open Doors).  6.30 pm Raydon

15th: 10.00 am Holton (Reverend John Druce).  6.30 pm SSM

22nd: 10.00 am Raydon (Revd John Druce) & SSM Famliy Hour.  6.30 pm Higham

29th: 10.00 am Benefice Eucharist at SSM (Revd David Atkins and Baroness Cox)


6th:10.00 am SSM (Reverend Eric Fisher).  6.30 pm SSM

13th: 10.00 am Higham (Reverend John Parr). 6.30 pm Raydon

20th: 10.00 am Holton (Reverend Mark Woodrow).  6.30 pm SSM

27th: 10.00 am Raydon (Revd Eric Fisher) & SSM Family Hour.  5.00 pm Higham


3rd: 10.00 am HOLTON (please note) with The Very Reverend Joe Hawes, Dean of St Edmundsbury.  5.00 pm SSM (please note).

10th: REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY.  All churches have individual services. 10.50 am service at Higham (Reverend Eric Fisher).

17th: 10.00 am SSM (plesae note) (Reverend Janice White).  5.00 pm Holton (please note).

24th: 10.00 am Raydon (Revd David Atkins) & SSM Family Hour.  5.00 pm Higham.